Ready to start your trial but have some questions? Check out the FAQ's below or contact Bridie on 0421 481 037 or email

This is my first Pilates class. What should I expect?

We require clients to start with a sculpt Pilates class if you are new to Mint Movement. 

You can expect lots of modifications for you so that regardless of your fitness level or strength, you will have an option!
We work hard to remember everyone’s limitations and preferences, and try to offer specific options to personalise your class. 

We have a really friendly, supportive class environment and stress the importance of working with your own body - Don’t worry about your neighbor, they are busy doing their own thing and may have been coming to class for years so just do what feels right for you and have fun! This is your chance to focus on you and only you!

What should I wear and bring?

 We supply all mats and necessary equipment at the studio, but we do recommend bringing a water bottle so you can stay hydrated. There is a bottle filling station at the studio if you run out. Just wear comfy workout clothing.

Before & After Class

Before Class:

Please arrive approx 10 minutes early for your first class and let us know if you have any aches, pains, limitations or injuries that you’re working through. Your teacher will introduce themselves and show you around. 

The studio is open around 15 minutes before class and 10 minutes after class. Feel free to come early or stay late to chat, stretch and ask questions. Leave mobile phones and belongings in the 'gear' corner. If you are 'on call' or have an unusual circumstance that means you are expecting a call, please just let us know before class.
(7.15am classes are unfortunately a little more tight (due to kids and uni) so we ask that if you need to discuss anything that isn't urgent, you book a time by emailing )

After Class:

Check in with your instructor for any questions or clarifications on exercise. We are always happy to stay and chat.
Feeling motivated? We can always book you in for your next session so let us know.

How long should I expect to see/feel results?

Clients typically feel results after their very first sessions and continue to reap the benefits of Pilates for as long as they continue. Noticing the physical results depends on how often you come along to class but with a consistent practice of two to three classes a week, most clients see real results in the first four weeks!