Mint Movement delivers mat Pilates and Pilates based small group training classes in a fun and friendly enviroment at The Glenunga Hub.

Mint Movement classes were developed out of a desire for a workout that made you feel GOOD and not stiff and sore in the following days. The biggest focus at Mint is that clients challenge themselves in a way that suits their own, individual bodies and have FUN in the process! At mint, community is everything and empowering that community of women to exercise to feel good so they have more to give their families, friends, work and community,

We truly believe Pilates is THE best exercise for our modern day bodies. Pilates helps strengthen our weak
muscles and stretching the tight ones. All while lubricating the spine and creating length through the body.
We love the low impact, slow and steady Pilates moves that make your muscles burn without leaving you sore and tight the next day. A regular Pilates practice will strengthen, balance and sculpt your body. It helps promote body awareness and turn you into a supple Pilates Ninja!

So if you have been looking for a place that gets you. Come and join the movement at Mint!


Welcome Mint Movement Pilates!
We are ready and waiting to help
get you feeling and looking strong,
healthy, happy and
confident in your skin!