We truly believe Pilates is THE best exercise for our modern day bodies. Pilates helps strengthen our weak
muscles and stretching the tight ones. All while lubricating the spine and creating length through the body.
We love the low impact, slow and steady Pilates moves that make your muscles burn without leaving you sore and tight
the next day. A regular Pilates practice will strengthen, balance and sculpt your body. It helps promote body awareness
and turn you into a supple Pilates Ninja!

While we LOVE Pilates, that doesn't mean you will.
So please come along and experience 3 x Mint Movement Pilates classes plus a one on one consult so that we can personally answer any questions, work through form and individualise your workouts.

Amy was a long term client at Mint Movement before beginning her teacher training through Studio Pilates in Adelaide and now studying Occupational Therapy.
Amy brings her own style to classes giving everyone a challenging workout while keeping their bodies safe with slow, low impact exercise and lots of great anatomy knowledge to her classes.


Bridie, I own and run Mint Movement Pilates. Trained through Polestar Pilates with a cert IV in Pilates Matwork. As well as Cert IV/500HR in Yoga teaching from Byron Yoga Centre and Cert IV in Fitness from Australian Institute of Personal Training. Bridie is a qualified Precision Nutrition Coach and is passionate about helping women find a form of exercise that they find enjoyable & empowering and getting into the right mindset for long term change. You can head to Bridie's Blog HERE