I spent much of my weekend watching documentaries on health, weight loss and mindfulness.. Wild times, I know! It was just what i needed though, A relaxing yet productive and inspiring weekend!

I wanted to share some of the stand out info from what I have seen so far..

1. Science will always trump a fad when it comes to LONG TERM, SUSTAINABLE health and weight loss. There are SO many fad diets around we mistake them for being a way of life. I cannot stress enough that weight loss really is about making small, sustainable steps which over time create a bigger change. Moving a little more and eating a little less. Simple and un-glamorous as that!

2. By adding just 10% more protein to your breakfast you can help yourself keep cravings for sugar and crap mid morning. It is more satiating and will keep your blood sugar steady. This doesn’t mean raw eggs and chicken for breakfast. You can check out a bunch of protein packed, clean and fresh breakfast ideas!

3. A thick, hearty soup is one of the best lunchtime meals to keep you filled up through to the arvo! Soup keeps your stomach full for longer, ingredient options are endless, it warms you up in winter and can be low calorie and nutrient dense! Bring it on.

4. Fibre is, as always vital for a healthy gut and an efficient system it also helps to lower bad cholesterol! For weight loss and internal health you want your bowel’s “transit time” to be relatively quick… if ya know what i mean. 8-18 hours is ideal. So get into the high fibre foods.

5. Counting calories and controlling your portions are important when beginning a weight loss program. You may not want to be attached to a calculator for the rest of your life but having an awareness of how many calories are in your favourite foods, is an important tool for you learning how to make healthy choices long term.

6. Careful of what you DRINK. Alcohol is an obvious one but soft drinks also act as empty calories. What about cups of tea.. have a teaspoon of honey in your tea… have 4 cups of tea a day – that is 4 extra spoonfuls of sugar per day. There might be more calories hiding in your drinks that you realise. Coffee is the biggest culprit for those who have 1.. maybe 3 lattes a day. That is an extra 200-500 calories a day.

So… the idea here is to provide some simple, tried and true advice on how to lose a few kgs without having to make any drastic changes!

Any meal plan or program should provide a GUIDE to implementing healthy eating habits. When there are “RULES” run away, cause its another bloody FAD!