Healthy, delicious and so so easy!


5 cups of dry ingredients: You can mix it up with whatever ingredients you like.

+ 1 & 1/2 cup oats

+ 1 cup dried fruit (I used a sultana, cranberries, dried apple mix)

+ 1/2 cup each of  sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, peppitas & desiccated coconut

+ Choose ingredients that you like – play around and try a different batch each time!

(My next round is going to be Choc Chip and Goji)

+ 4 TBLS of coconut oil

+ 1/2 cup of Brown rice malt syrup – you could also use honey..

+ 1/3 cup coconut sugar.



+ In a dry pan toast the muesli for a few minutes – 5 to 10, stirring occasionally.
Don’t go overboard – just enough to get a           little toasting going on with the seeds.

+ Put the oil, rice malt syrup and sugar in a small pot and bring to the boil : Then simmer for a few minutes (without stirring)     You will see it start to toffee up and emulsify if you will…

+ Then all you do is mix the wet and dry ingredients and press into a cake tin or tray – whatever you have*
Arrange to the thickness you prefer and lay a chopping board and weight on top while it cools.

+ Allow to cool completely… it falls apart a bit when you get excited and eat it too early ; )

+ When cool, cut into the size you want them. EAT and ENJOY!

*Mine was a very ghetto set up involving a very old baking tray, books and my blender as a weight.