Pasta and Pesto . . .  My favourite combo.

Ultimate fat loss does not usually include loads of pasta so making the zucchini kind or even a 50/50 mix means you can really get stuck in - No feeling deprived of the good things in life!


+ 1, 2, 3, Zucchinis . . . however many you want.

+ 1/2 Avocado

+ A handful of Coriander and Basil

+ 1/4 to 1/2 cup of Cashews (I lightly toasted mine in a dry pan)

+ Lemon juice – to taste (or apple cider vinegar)

+ Olive oil – none of this supermarket shit – you want super dark, delicious oil just like Nonno would squeeze with his beautiful tanned and tough hands!

+ Salt and Pepper


+ With a V slicer, Mandolin or Spiraliser, make long noodles with the zucchinis – I use the V slicer and laying the zucchini long ways… if desperate, you can also just score the zucchini with a sharp knife and then peel down longways with a firm press (to make them a little thicker.)

+ All other ingredients are blended up with our processor of choice – you might prefer it smooth or chunky. If you like it a little runnier add a drizzle more oil, or creamier add a bit more Avocado.

+ Add about 1.5 TBLS of Pesto per Zucchini ( This one bowl was one big zucchini!)



a. You can use raw cashews by allowing them to soak in warm water for about an hour. This will create a RAW pesto which is smoother and creamier.

b. If, like me your partner or house friend is a pasta fiend and you are feeling a little left out or like a boring health nerd, try getting them into rice/quinoa pasta or mung bean fettucine!

c. The warmer variation is to stir the pesto through the zucchini pasta in a small pan over heat for just one or two minutes. This allows them to warm slightly but maintains texture, nutrition and deliciousness - I love to add olives, cherry tomatoes and some baby spinach!