Holidays for me are all about eating, drinking, relaxing, being productive and feeling as though you get to stop, breathe and press RESET!
More time to spend with friends and family and by time, i mean REAL time. Not a rushed dinner or a pre occupied coffee date.

Real time of hanging out at the beach all day. Christmas cooking with an old friend or even a little getaway with some friends, your family or just you and your best bud.


  1. Long walks on one of the amazing clean and beautiful beaches near by.... maybe even a sprint or two - dogs come in handy here!
  2. Lazy days watching the cricket.... maybe throw in some burpees or hold plank during the add break every time there is a wicket?
  3. Try a new healthy recipe.... HERE is one and more to come
  4. Yes, you might have a pool, your friend might have a pool but head to the local pool, its under a tree, hear kids laughing, buy an icy pole and re-live your childhood!
  5. Lay outside and watch the stars on a clear night.
  6. Plant some spinach, herbs or a whole veggie garden!
  7. Clean and organise your junk drawer, your pantry or even the WHOLE house!
  8. Take time to do a whole lot of cooking to keep in the freezer. This will mean that it is on hand when life gets busy again and you have healthy meals ready to go!
  9. Indulge on Chistmas day. enjoy it and then get over it.
    Take advantage of the amazing fresh ripe watermelons, cherries and stone fruit and cleanse yourself with plenty of fruit, veg and water from boxing day until new years eve. Eat well in-between so that you can enjoy the events without feeling sh*t house by the new year!
  10. If going on a holiday, find out where the locals go walking...running, swimming etcIf staying home, hit your local hill or stair case every second day to really challenge yourself. Adelaide folks : These are some that I am planning to hit up!
  • Norton Summit
  • Chambers Gully
  • Brownhill Creek
  • Kensington Oval stairs
  • Sellicks beach stairs

Remember, whatever activity you do it great. Even just a walk around the block is better than sitting on the couch all day! Something is always better than nothing and movement is vital.

So, your challenge!

Take a photo of you and/or your loved ones making exercise, activity and healthy eating FUN and original! Inspire others by sharing them on the Mint Movement Facebook page, instagram and using the #mintmovement