Are you thinking about your New Year Resolutions?

It is almost inevitable at this time of year. As we slowly roll into the first weeks back at work. In the new year it feels as though we get a clean slate, a blank canvas for THE year that 'IT' all gets done!

This is the time of heightened motivation with hopes of a more efficient life propel us into new projects, spring cleaning or a new diet.

After years of the same post Christmas padding, beach anxiety and the dream of turning into super woman on the 1st of Jan.. it can be hard to avoid going into default mode of all or nothing diet/exercise mania!

But, what else are you meant to do? A moderate plan of moderate living? It hardly sparks the fires of hope within us.

However moderation and balance is what life is about.
We naturally eb and flow in all aspects of life, work and relationships.

So, this year I have decided that my life will be lived like a well executed yoga posture... Strong, yet flexible.

2014 for me was one of new beginnings, going out on a limb and getting a little vulnerable. Delving deep and dealing with some of the shit that can come with that. I worked on letting go of obsessive over diets, calories and being more moderate with exercise. This has been a great learning experience and yet, for my personality, allowed a little too much flexibility without any of the fore mentioned strength… like a fast and furious Bikram class.. it all looks and sounds impressive until you strain your lower back!

My 2014 “flexibility” meant that structure was out the window, “guilt” out the window and while this was liberating for a time, an efficient life relies on some basic fundamentals and even self imposed rules to ensure that the guilt doesn't come full circle. 

So, my 2015 is about balancing the two..
Sometimes more work, sometimes more down time, but over the duration of the year balancing it out. Yin and Yang.

Just like with our healthy eating or exercise. We are inclined to worry about the times we don’t train or eat well and while yes, keeping it balanced all year round is ideal, its isn’t realistic for everyone.

There will always be the silly season, the wedding or birthday seasons. There will always be things that come up. Kids, pop ins, work. The point is to do what you can. If your child is sick and you planned on making a class – do a few exercises at home where last year you might have poured a wine. If you have to stay back at work, come to a session the next day rather than thinking "I've miss my Tuesday night Pilates".

In 2015 I urge you and myself to remember that life, diet and health is simple until we mess with it by reading rubbish mags, fad diet books and start looking for a quick fix.
Michael Pollan the author of 'In Defense Of Food' is on the money....

Exercise is simple – find something you enjoy and do it regularly. Mix it up. Get your heart rate up and at least once a week, get a little uncomfortable.

Why expect to have the motivation of an Olympic athlete, supermodel or dedication of a saint.

Do what you can.

The 2015 resolution for Mint Movement is and always will be to make you feel good!
Whether that is from feeling more connected with a community, having some time out from your kids, getting your head out of work, feeling stronger, losing weight or a combination of all of the above.
If you don’t feel better about yourself, your life or your body after each session, find somewhere or something where you do.

Bring it on 2015!!