30 day Refresh

If you are anything like me, as soon as Christmas ended, wedding season began, the wedding season takes a little time out and the festivities of Fringe festival begin. 
This can leave you (me) getting into a few too many hot chips, beverages and late nights.

Health often takes a back seat because
"You only live once" and "life's too short to not indulge a little" 
All true, but when a little becomes a lot and sometimes daily, its time to reign it in. This can be a challenge...

So lets do it together!

From 23rd Feb we are going to stock up greens, get in the kitchen and share recipes, pics and posts on Facebook and Instagram and help support each other.

True to the Mint Movement Philosophy, this is not all or nothing, nor a diet but a balance of health, fitness and fun times.
I will be posting a bunch of delicious meals, active adventures and ideas for staying excited about healthy living. I will be re posting and regramming all of your posts so get ready to share and help each other out. Keep checking in here on the blog as well as Facebook and Instagram for constant inspiration, tips and recipes.

Make a commitment to yourself for 10 to 30 days and remember that the more good stuff we eat, the more energy we have for living a more active, fun and enthusiastic life!

Watch this space. xx