Mamma Chia!
What's the fuss about these little seeds that get stuck in your teeth all day without you knowing?? Well apart from that, they're pretty darn good. They’re small, but mighty. Chia seeds are a fantastic source of the omega 3 fatty acid alpha-linolenic-acid, which is particularly important if you are a vegetarian or vegan.
Through a number of steps, a portion of this fatty acid eventually gets converted to EPA and DHA, the omega 3's we know to be essential for a whole heap of important bodily things including cellular integrity and signaling. This in turn creates healthy skin, hair, nails, eyes and brain development. Omega 3's are big players in our cardiovascular health, moods and mental health, cognitive function, and inflammation modulation. Chia seeds are also like a big buffet of B vitamins, and minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, and zinc. And they also give you a whopping wallop of fibre providing about 5g per tablespoon! Hello healthy bowels! But make sure you keep hydrated, as these little seeds suck up water, helping to soften the stool and pass through the digestive system, but potentially hindering it’s movement if you don’t have enough water! So drink up! Chia seeds also pump up the protein providing about 2.5g per tablespoon. Together with the other goodies in this recipe, you can be sure you're looking after a good dose of your daily nutrient intake, buffing those bowels, gaining some glow, and all the while looking after your post-workout nutrition! Good Golly! 

3 tbsp. chia seeds
10 tbsp./150ml plant-based milk (almond/coconut/oat/rice)
¼ - ½ banana (fresh or frozen)
Handful of blueberries (fresh or frozen)

2 tbsp. water (approx)
1/3 cup of GF granola (recipe here)
or crunchy topping of choice!

Combine chia seeds and milk in a bowl, whisk well for a minute or so, making sure to whisk out any clumps, cover and leave in the fridge overnight, or for a minimum of 20 minutes.

When ready to serve, blend banana, blueberries and water in a blender or with a hand blender.

Pour banana blueberry mix over chia pudding and top with granola, or any other delicious crunchy bits! Eat! 

Nutritional Information
Carbohydrates 36g, Protein 14g, Super Healthy Fats 29g, Fibre 22g

Stephanie is a naturopath in Adelaide. Check out more of her delicious and healthy recipes on her blog  'In Fine Fettle'