This VUCA world triggers the necessity for focus, mental flexibility, control and speed. It requires top performance of your organisations key assets - the employees! 

We all know that corporate wellness is all the rage, so how could Pilates help you build a more efficient and therefore profitable organisation in REAL terms?

Pilates helps increase focuses of staff by helping to reduce and manage stress. The current economic climate is volatile. Things are changing and moving fast. Pilates allows some time to stop and breathe. The act of connecting movement to breath is like a moving meditation which teaches participants simple ways to manage stress and control temper in high stress environments. This leads to more positive working relationships and better decision making skills.

Pilates builds efficiency and morale through confidence in ones self and trust between the team. Having a workforce who are confident and have their egos in check is important to the efficiency of the organisation and morale of a team.

Uncertainty and lack of communication can leave staff feeling insecure and excluded when you need them to be able to think on their feet and work as an effective and cohesive team. 
Pilates provides an even playing field for each individual within the organisation. Unlike a fun run or competitive sport, each team member is able to participate at their own level without standing out. No one can be bad at Pilates and no one can be left behind.  Participating as a group of individuals in an inclusive and caring environment builds trust and confidence. Helping to bind a team together.

Pilates makes your organisation more switched on thorough increased physical and mental agility. People who are fit and agile are happier and more present while at work. They are physically and mentally stronger than their less active counterparts and are more willing and able to adapt or change to suit the current climate. These people are more equip to make decisions today, not next week. This means that your company can get more done rather than waiting around for things to happen.

A 2014 study showed that the cost to Australian businesses of mental health conditions alone is $11 billion and the return on investment for promoting a mentally healthy workplace is $2.30 for every $1 invested. (PWC, Beyond Blue, National Mental Health Commission).  Of course, this is just playing with numbers, but what we can safely say is that this is an investment in staff that will see a return.

Pilates benefits the physical and mental health of your team in a cost effective and time efficient package. We come to you, classes are done in 45 minutes, require minimal space and everyone can participate.

If you are interested in implementing a Pilates and wellness program at your workplace, please contact me at