How would you react if someone told you out loud what you were secretly thinking?
Dove France created a campaign to show woman what it really looks, sounds and feels like to hear the comments that we say to ourselves on a daily basis.

They asked a group of women to write down all the thoughts they had about their bodies and themselves over one day.

The result is what you see in the video...

For me, this was very confronting. Almost hard to watch and left me feeling cold, sad and really vulnerable.

It makes me think about how I would feel if someone said this to my best friend, what if their boyfriend or partner did? What if someone said it to my daughter or son? or even a stranger near me at a cafe like in the video..!?
Like me, I am sure most of you would be appalled. You would tell your girlfriend to break up with such an A***hole! You would want to attack someone who said such things to your kids! Yet, many of us continue to barrage ourselves with this language each day.

I would love to know how this made you felt when watching it? How you feel now, after watching it? And what you took away from it?

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