When it comes to getting motivated to workout, eat well or stay productive do you think you would respond best to a little push with reward or the threat of punishment?

Workout 3 x per week for a month and reward yourself with a
luxurious massage, new jeans or a date night dinner..
Workout 3 x per week for a month otherwise punishment for missing sessions,
means you have to pay $200 to a fund/charity/organisation you genuinely hate!
For this I am choosing the KKK or something equally as evil. 
(Then lets assume someone is holding you to this so that you can't back out either way.)

Which sounds more enticing?
Which would make you get your ass to class?

Studies have found that punishment is in fact more effective than positive reinforcement for those of us trying to boost our workout rates! It has to be something that you very much do NOT want to do... not just having to clean the toilet.

Interesting thing to ponder really .. do you think this is true for you? Would you respond best to a looming threat or a dangling carrot.

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts and what reward or what PUNISHMENT would get you into class so leave a comment below and let me know.