Here is a secret…  What we believe to be true becomes our truth!
A strong belief in yourself and your abilities as a person is a powerful and under utilised tool in pursuing your health, fitness and life goals!

My mum tells a story of when I was about 11 or 12. My family drove to far North Queensland to see my Uncle and Aunty on their cattle farm. My brother’s girlfriend at the time came along.
(It must have been love for her to squash into a Ford Falcon for a 10 day road trip with us!)

We got to a motel one night and Sarah must have mentioned something about her body - A casual comment about her weight or thighs...
As a young little treasure, I wondered and therefore asked

“If you think that about yourself, then what do you think of me!?”

Already at this point, I had been very focused on and anxious about my weight for years. I figured that if she was everything I dreamt of being and she didn’t like what she saw in the mirror then what must she think of me?
I must disgust her!??

Of course this was not the case. Her view of her own body and mine are completely separate and not comparable.. Yet, so often we compare ourselves.
For my mum, it was a lesson in how making off the cuff remarks about yourself can really effect someone else and it was another reminder that generally, even the most "perfect" looking specimens have parts of themselves that they would like to change.

This is natural to some extent, but I don’t believe that we are inherently unhappy with our bodies. No one is born hating how they look…
A kid might call you fat, say you have a big nose, big ears or are bossy… Down the track, another little smart arse reminds you of the pain you felt the first time you heard it and it slowly becomes your truth. We then focus on the five negative comments we have received in our lifetime and forget or dismiss the hundreds of positive ones telling us we are beautiful, smart, talented or funny.

The point is, we learn to nit pick. We learn to dislike our little imperfections even though they might be things that we love in friends and family.

By comparing what we like about others instead of appreciating them, we sometimes choose to forget what we like about ourselves.

So, today I have an ACTION step for you.

Get a POST-IT and write just one thing you really like about your body – POST IT somewhere you will see often -  either you room, bathroom or in your wallet to remind you throughout the day.

HAIR, PROPORTIONS, FEET, HANDS, DÉCOLLETAGE, ASS, ARMS. Anything you like about your body!

Make another one for your personality. This could be put in the same spot, at your work desk or on the dash of the car.


These dont have to be corny affirmations – If that is your thing though definitely use them! But if its not, this acts as a simple reminder.

If you really cannot think of anything. . . think harder! Practice and if its freaking you out or you feel weird – ask a friend or family member to write something down.


Its not stuck up. Its not arrogant. It is a positive reminder of how good you are.
Because you are allowed to think that you are beautiful, funny and F'ing awesome. It is your right!

So remember, whether you think you are or aren’t — your right.

So you may as well think that you are a smart, super funny, sassy & smoking hot. right?

Appreciate the beauty in yourself and enjoy the beauty of your friends and community instead of comparing yourself with them.
You will be happier person and a better friend.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you love about YO’SELF!!