FEAR... what a pain in the ass it is!!
Something I have learnt in my 28th year is that FEAR is the biggest thing holding us all back from our true potential.
Certainly holding me back... from promoting the business, holding me back from being more vulnerable in relationships... holding me back from deciding on what I really want in life....holding me back from getting fitter and stronger or becoming as successful as i "want" to be.
Fear of failure...fear of success...fear of judgement....fear of being as good as i can be......fear of having to keep it up....fear of looking like an idiot.... argh...


What I am very happy I have learnt in my 28th year is all of the above!
Discovering this has been the most liberating thing! By acknowledging all of this fear and the limiting beliefs that come with it, I can begin to work through them and into a life of action and progress instead of feeling frozen by fear and stagnant in life.

Does this strike a cord with you? If so, what are you putting off out of fear?