Its hard to prove that Pilates is good for both MIND and body.. it sometimes sounds corny as hell!
The Body part is undeniable... I could go on about this for days... The increased productivity someone will experience after a lunchtime class, the decreased anxiety levels of a stressed student after a session and the necessary time-out that a busy mum allows herself each week for her Pilates sanity session are all experiences of our Mint Movement Pilates clients.
There is a reason bend the physical strength and power you build in Pilates that keeps you coming back.. plus the fabulous company of the Mint team of course...!

But now there is actually a study that can demonstrate the mental benefits of Pilates... BOOM!

The Study

This study involved depressed women at a 'residential battered women’s center' who did 30-45 minutes of Pilates, 3 x per week for 12 weeks in group classes

The researchers measured levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter well-known for its mood-boosting effects, before the women began Pilates and once again after the 12 weeks were complete. In addition to serotonin, they measured depression levels (by a 21 question survey called Beck Depression Inventory commonly used in research and clinical settings), blood pressure, flexibility, endurance, and strength (via a tool called a dynamometer) both before and after the intervention.

After 12 weeks of regular Pilates classes, the women had a significant increase in serotonin and 34% drop in severity of depression. (That level of improvement rivals the effects of some anti-depressant medications that target serotonin’s action in the brain!)

So Pilates literally makes your brain happier!!

The monoamines in the brain, such as serotonin and dopamine, have an improved transmission rate when exercising occurs. This is beneficial for those depressed because such chemicals in the brain directly affect on mood.”
— Hassan

Not only that, but the womens’ muscular endurance was significantly improved (by 38%), including abdominal muscle endurance. Their flexibility increased 48%and the participants boosted overall strength of their abdominal, back, and leg muscles... which is not surprising to all of us who are regulars on the Mat!

Last but not least, blood pressure was significantly reduced.

Literally every parameter that they measured improved, significantly!

Your brain loves it as much as your booty DOES!

You can read full findings of the study HERE and the original article here