Seriously, are you?

Depression and anxiety is rife in our community. Even if it doesn't appear extreme or debilitating, it can alter your day to day life and really make you feel like shit. Insecure, unsure and lacking in the confidence to "be" your true self. Over and over, exercise has been proven to have a positive impact on mental health and is well worth a try!

I know that back in the day when struggling with a time of deep sadness, exercise was my outlet! I would work really hard in order to sleep better and was in a room surrounded by people who were creating energy - how can that NOT lift your mood over time?
Apart from the effort required in class, nothing was expected of me during that 45 minutes. I didn't have to be funny, pretty or smart or any good at the class. It was 45 minutes just for me.. to be who i wanted to be and how i wanted to be that day.

No one can do it for you.. You have to want to feel better... which can be tough. But worth it!
Here is a list of tried a tested ways to get yourself up and feeling better. 
But when feeling flat, down and depressed it often feels like the last thing you feel like doing! 


Do it early - Train early in the morning, first thing. So there is NO time to think about if you feel good or bad, if you feel like doing it or not, you just get up, out of bed and into it!
Have your shoes and clothing ready to go right next to your bed. Set your alarm and just get out the door, even if its only around the block and you don't bother with a bra!

Visualise the reward - Walk to your local coffee shop - even if you get a bloody pastry, you'll feel better for walking there than if you drove your car!

Download - Download an audio book and listen to it while you go for a long walk - takes your mind and body to another place - away from your troubles and away from the couch!

 Reece Witherspoon loves a chat!

Reece Witherspoon loves a chat!

Walk and Talk - Call a friend or family member and walk around the block while you talk to them.. or even better, get them around and go for a walk together. 
Your body is moving and you can get out everything you need to say to a trusted buddy.

Phone a Friend - Call a mate who is into fitness and go walking with them or join them at their regular class. Committing to a friend and a formal studio workout can be really beneficial for people struggling with depression. The social support as well as financial commitment provides more of motivation to follow through compared to just "do i feel like it"
Plus the social interation with others outside of your usual circle is a great way to connect with a your community without feeling as though you have to perform or 'be' a certain way.

Are you okay day is the second thursday of September each year - So TODAY for 2015.

Do you have any tips to share for how to get up and exercise when your feeling flat?