I’ve never really been that into doing detoxes….
I tested the ’5/2 Diet’ for Women’s Health Magazine last year and have occasionally had a few days off the grog... But a detox...  meant no coffee! maybe getting a headache, being grumpy and sad… mad…bored.. Plus, WHAT would I do all day without thinking about food and strolling back and fourth to the fridge!?

Generally, I eat pretty well but as mentioned, there are many trips to my (fairly) healthy fridge.. and that was part of my motivation for doing a mini detox.
I was feeling a little flat and lethargic. Eating just because food was there or I was bored and usually, drinking a little too much wine!
I was using food, wine and coffee as a ‘reward’ even when I didn’t really feel like them or have anything to reward myself for! I was feeling just a bit bloated and puffy with dry hair and dull skin.

So, I decided to commit to a detox of 3 days, but ended up sticking with it for 4.
What difference can a couple of days make?  Well surprisingly, quite a bit!

It was a reminder of how nice it is to FEEL healthy and to eat only natural, unprocessed fruit and vegetables. You really do gain energy and feel more alive. I roll my eyes at the raw food crew talking about the “life force” of their food  but it is kind of true. When you are eating foods that have not been processed, you aren’t being weighed down by the digestion of crappy, fake foods.

I felt lighter, brighter and more energetic. I feel as though I know what "hungry" is again… from grazing all the time its easy to override your natural hunger cues!

This detox is also a part of a huge mindset change that I have been working on over the last couple of months. Working on turning my “SHOULD”s into WANTs and if they aren’t really wants.. then why should they be ‘should’s .. (try saying that 5 times fast)


Committing to this short detox and getting through it without ‘cheating’ myself has been a small but significant victory for me.

Without getting over dramatic, it has been a reminder of whats important to me; being healthy and energetic. it has given me an energy boost and it was the kick up the arse i needed.

…… Oh, and my stomach was actually HEAPS flatter at the end of the week and eyes looked brighter so there is another bonus!


If want to try it for yourself, download it below. x