We have a range of classes to suit your body and goals!


Is a multi level class which is suitable for all. We teach modern Pilates with a focus on all the bits us women want to strengthen, tone up and stretch out.
Core strength for improved posture and less back pain. Arm strengthening to build lean muscle (tone) in arms for stronger and more sculpted guns. Active stretching to range and flexibility


Power Pilates is the ultimate workout. We combine the fundamentals of Pilates and add the intensity of boxing and resistance training to burn fat during class and hours later. Power remains low impact so it works you hard while being gentle on your knees, hips and back. 


Outdoor sessions incorporate a little bit of everything plus a hit of Vitamin D and fresh air on Summer evenings. We start with Mat Pilates, add boxing and some moving resistance training. Modfications are always provided and you are guarenteed a great workout without the running and jumping usually associated with outdoor training programs.