We absolutely love hearing from clients - What they love about Mint and how we can improve. So here is some feedback from the fabulous Mint Movement Pilates community

I originally started Pilates as part of rehab for a back injury and I continue because it has improved my posture, helped with back pain and it works smaller muscles that nothing else can. Plus I love the stretches and ‘me’ time.
My ongoing goals are to tone up, get limber and hopefully burn some fat along the way.
I love mint because it caters for varied ability and fitness level. It is a friendly, inclusive atmosphere with awesome, fun and personable instructors.” 
— Holly
I was looking for an exercise that would strengthen my body without putting unnecessary stress on joints and Pilates makes me feel good.  It is also an opportunity to not just work on my body but  also rest my mind.
Overall strength & toning has been my aim but I have found power Pilates is a great way to increase my heart rate and work on my fitness as well.
Aside from the convenience of this brilliant location I would have to say the Mint Instructors are my favourite thing about MMP. With helpful tips, advice and recipes as well as a cheerful smile and some extra encouragement which is essential at an early power class.
— Julie
I started with mint because my favourite gym instructor and trainer ran off to enjoy Europe! I missed her and wasn’t happy with any old class or instructor, so I started at Mint. I’m glad I did.
The classes just make me feel good. It pushes me and I feel stronger in my body, especially after using weights.
I feel welcomed and comfortable at Mint movement while being physically pushed. Great music, smiles and exercise what more can you ask for?
— Kim
I started at Mint with coercion from friends who all loved going, promising fun, fitness and a possible coffee after. Oh and possibly to get a stronger core too... I have continued as I noticed increased strength, control and mindfulness in a very relaxed atmosphere. Working out the whole body in only 45 mins with great results for toning. Core strength helping balance, posture and back niggles.
It’s also fun, low impact and no coordination required.
Bridie is amazing in taking personal care of each of her clients. She helped my rehab back from a shoulder injury with considered modifications in the classes that has allowed complete recovery and strength.
She offers not only the class, but a supported lifestyle through social media with heathy eating, well being and interim exercises that can be done from home.
It’s not just an exercise class - it’s a community of lovely people of all ages.
— Meg
I was looking for exercise that I actually liked and would give me strength and tone. I do really love classes and the strength i’ve started to gain. Even more so I love the Mint Community and the energy boost the class and group give me.
My Pilates goals are to finally master push-ups and more importantly it is to commit to and prioritise attending class at least 3 x a week.
I love MMP because of Bridie and Amy. They are both excellent instructors - bright spirited, welcoming, encouraging and have comprehensive pilates knowledge. Most importantly it’s fun and laughter is a big part of the class. Plus the ‘reward’ coffees with ladies after class always make the hard work worth it!
— Shahnee