At MINT MOVEMENT, we want you to make progress and stay consistent. 
No refunds will be made in respect of missed sessions. No refunds will be given for pre-paid blocks or in respect of any unused portion of a pre paid block in the event of cancellation of a class or timetable change. Once a payment for purchase of a package or service from MINT MOVEMENT is made there will be no refunds allowed. MINT MOVEMENT membership may be ‘frozen’ at any time for holidays or planned surgery with 14 days notice. Memberships may only be frozen once every 3 months.

When signing up with MINT MOVEMENT, the personal information collected is used to provide the best quality service to you!Your information is stored securely by our system provider MINDBODYONLINE. Any information which we collect is stored on protected servers. In addition, any employees or contractors who provide services related to our information systems are obligated to respect the confidentiality of any personal information held by MINT MOVEMENT. Notwithstanding the above, MINT MOVEMENT explicitly disclaims any and all liability in relation to information contained on the site and will not be held responsible for from any unauthorised access of your personal information. We rely on your help in keeping your personal information secure, in particular by maintaining the confidentiality of any username or password used on the site. Please let us know immediately if you become aware of any unauthorised use of your account by another party, or if you become aware of any other security issue in relation to the site.


Participant’s Details: The person whose details are set out as participant on the Mint Movement Group Personal Training registration form is the participant in this document. All participants must be sixteen (16) years and over and if you are under the age of eighteen (18) years, your parent or guardian needs to consent to these terms and conditions by signing at consent declaration at Mint Movement | The Studio 65 Beulah Road, Norwood 5067 prior to training. Payment and enrollment your enrollment in any course will not be confirmed until Bridie Hogan as Mint Movement has received all necessary medical information requested, your full fee (unless you have made other arrangements to pay by installments), your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions and the Waiver and Acknowledgement. Full fee must be paid upfront before your course commences otherwise your place will be forfeited. Acknowledgements You must be ready to commence training at the stated times given for each course and acknowledge that late arrival may result in non-participation in that session of the course and that you are not entitled to a refund. Running shoes that are in good condition must be worn to avoid injury. Training will take place as scheduled. If cancelled due to extreme weather or unforeseen circumstances additional sessions may be added to the timetable however sessions will not be refunded. Drinking water must be brought to each session to avoid dehydration. Medical Clearance You are strongly advised to obtain a medical clearance from your Medical Practitioner and obtain advice before enrolling in Mint Movement Outdoor Group Training. If you are aware of any reason that you are at risk you have a duty to disclose it to us and are strongly advised to obtain a medical clearance from a Registered Medical Practitioner. If you have a serious illness or physical condition which my result in the worsening of your condition, you have a duty to disclose the nature and extent of illness or disability. It is our policy not to accept you into training unless you have a doctor’s certificate certifying that you are fit for group training sessions. If you are pregnant prior to beginning training then you will not be able to participate in Boot Camp for you and your unborn child’s safety. Acknowledgement of Risks You accept and understand that there are obvious and inherent risks in the activity and acknowledge that the activity you are to undertake may involve a significant risk of physical harm (‘the activity”) and that by participating in the activity voluntarily at your own risk and responsibility and that you warrant that you have accurately and truthfully provided and disclosed your medical history. Civil Liability Act 2002 (SA) Whilst every attempt is made to ensure that the conditions provided at Mint Movement Outdoor Group Training are correct and safe, some aspects are potentially hazardous. By signing this document you are acknowledging that you are personally responsible for your own safety and to the full extent permitted by law, under the Civil Liability Act 2002. You give up the right, now or at any time in the future, to recover compensation or obtain any other remedy for any injury or death to yourself. Exclusion of Section 74 Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) (“TPA”) Section 74 TPA provides that certain warranties of due care and skill are implied in contracts where a service is provided. Where a contract is for the provision of recreational services the implied warranty of care and skill may be excluded, modified or restricted under section 68B TPA. WARNING – The operator gives the participant notice that any liability of the operator for breach of an implied warranty due care and skill are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law The Principal and Agents do not owe a duty of care to the participant who engages in any recreational activity at Mint Movement Outdoor Group Training due to the operation of Section 5.5M of the Civil Liability Act 2002, and the risk warning expressly contained within this Disclaimer Form. SAFETY RULES AND REGULATIONS You must comply with the Safety Rules and instructions of the Mint Movement Outdoor Group Training instructors at all times. If it is considered by your course instructor that you are disrupting the course and/or placing the safety of others in jeopardy then you may be required to leave and in this case you will not be entitled to either a refund or credit for any further courses with Mint Movement Outdoor Group Training. You acknowledge you must truthfully and accurately and honestly disclose your medical condition and any treatment and acknowledge that Mint Movement Outdoor Group Training relies upon the medical information provided in accepting you in the course and you warrant that you are physically and mentally fit and capable of undertaking the various physical activities the subject of the course. You give permission for Mint Movement Outdoor Group Training staff to arrange for medical attention and treatment if required at your expense, as and when applicable and where appropriate to notify next of kin in case of hospitalisation.